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Gibbous moon

There usually comes a point in the astronomy hobby where you want to capture what you're observing on film.  It can be for sharing with others or for your own amusement.  In fact, some people devote their entire astronomy hobby to photography.  I just dabble in it myself.  I'm more into observing, but every now and then I'll get the urge to try my hand at taking pictures.  It can be a frustrating and trying art.  There is no "point and shoot" type of astrophotography.  For deepsky pictures, you have to track the object for quite some time to record it on film.  That means that not only does your camera have to be up to par, but also the telescope and mount.

Below you'll find images of the various objects we astronomers like to gaze upon.  To be honest, though I'm proud of a few of the shots, for the most part I consider them to be sub-par.  So, if you're an aspiring astrophotographer, and you actually like some of my shots, there's no where to go but up!

Latest update:  08/22/17


Lunar (latest update:  09/28/15)

Comets  (latest update:  03/13/13)

Deepsky (latest update:  03/03/04)

Skyshots (latest update:  03/24/04)

Solar (latest update:  08/22/17) Total Solar Eclipse!

Constellations (latest update:  01/10/99)

Planetary (latest update:  04/04/05)

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