Between the Clouds

Observing notes from Monday, July 3, 1995

What is the deal with this weather???!!! I've been wanting to track down Neptune and Uranus. BUT, we did get a small break in the clouds for a little bit Monday night. I stepped out on my deck and there was Scorpius in all its glory. I quickly set up my 80mm refractor and did some observing. I cruised Jupiter, M57 (Ring Nebula), Albireo (beautiful contrasting double in Cygnus), and M4 (globular cluster in Scorpius). I tried for the M13 globular but it was straight up and my alt-azimuth scope just wouldn't do that. I traced a few constellations and called it a night when clouds started to roll back in. A little observing is better than none at all.

Jeff Polston

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