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Last update:  01/10/99

Sagittarius & ScorpiusHere you see the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius.  This shot was taken at Farrington Point, Lake Jordan, NC.  I used a 28mm lens, 400asa film, and about a 30 second exposure.

SagittariusThis is a zoomed in shot showing mostly the "teapot" region of Sagittarius.  Notice the starclouds off of the "spout".  Also make notice of the open cluster M7 to the lower right of the spout.  M6 can be seen dimly above, and to the right of M7.

CygnusThis is a 50mm shot of Cygnus.  To get your bearings, Albireo is to the lower right.  In the upper left quadrant, you can see the North American nebula.

Sagittarius and star cloudHere's another shot of Sagittarius and associated star clouds.  You can really see the clusters and nebulas.  The "teapot" asterism is to the lower left of center.  This is about a 3 minute shot on with a 50mm lens.

Scutum star cloudsThs is a shot of the sky just above Sagittarius, showing the Scutum star cloud.  In fact, about the lower 1/5th of this picture is the same area as about the upper 1/5th of the picture above.  This one was also a 3 minute exposure with a 50mm lens.

Hyades and PleiadesHere you can see a 20 second shot of the "V-shaped" Hyades and the dipper shaped Pleaides in Taurus.

CassiopeiaHere's a 10 minute shot of Cassiopeia and the surrounding area.  The "w-shape" of the constellation is just to the right of center.  To the left of center, you can just make out the Perseus double cluster.  The Andromeda galaxy, M31, can be seen at the bottom of the picture, to the right of center.

LeoHere's a 7 minute shot of Leo with a 50mm lens.  The sickle, or backwards question mark is to the right of the image.  The bright star in the lower right of the image is Regulus.

Big DipperHere's a 7 minute shot of the Big Dipper asterism of Ursa Major done with a 50mm lens.

Taurus risingHere's a shot of Taurus (and the Pleides) rising above the trees, at the Mid Atlantic Star Party, October 1998.

Lyra rising Here's a shot of Lyra setting at the Mid Atlantic Star Party, October 1998.  The bright start to the right of center is Vega.

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