On that Glorious Day

by Jeff Polston (June 12, 2001)


On that Glorious Day

On that Glorious Day of my earthly arrival in the great north state, the county of my highland ancestors welcomed a new babe into the world. Mythology intertwines to weave a cosmic tale.

Celestial spheres treated the gazers of the stars with luminous sights. As the sun struggled to break the dawn of day, the morning star, goddess of beauty that she is, glowed above the archer's arrow. Wandering nearby, the wing-footed messenger combined his light to hers, beacons in the sky, foretelling of things to come.

The god of the sea lumbered among the scales, dealing justice for those that cross the waters.

The war god danced about the head of the virgin maiden, blood in his eyes. The keeper of the dead rode upon the tail of the lion while the castrated first ruler was trampled between the feet.

As day gave way to night, watchers of the sky greeted Cronos, stealing a cool drink from the water bearer. The king of the gods rested his head upon the Golden Fleece, which is first in the zodiacal parade.

The goddess of the hunt speared the shoulder of the bull, her beauty untouched from emersion within the shadow of Tellus the month before.

The new babe will soon travel the stellar pathway of wonderment and delight.

I've combined mythology, astrology, astronomy, and poetic license together to form the prose you see above.  It is a puzzle of sorts.  On the surface, it can be regarded as a refresher in mythology and how it relates to the planets and constellations.  See if you can figure out which planets I'm talking about and which constellation they are in.  Secondly, it can be seen as key to a certain date.  The celestial players are like tumblers in a lock.  The planets and moon were only in these positions on a very specific date.  If you can figure out what that date was, then you'll know date of my birthday.  Good luck.

Can't figure it out?  Need a little help?  If you want the "characters" identified for you, click this link:

Identifying the Characters

If you want the methodology I use in solving the puzzle outlined, click on this link:

Puzzle Methodology

I don't actually give you the answer or mention any dates.  You'll have to email me to verify that.  But it does tell you how I used my planetarium software to arrive at the answer.

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