JeffPo's MASP 2001 Page

Last update:  10/18/02

The Mid-Atlantic Star Party (MASP) is held in the fall, near Carthage, North Carolina.  The 2001 running of the event was the third one I attended.  And I had a great time.  I had three straight nights of observing.  There were talks and lectures going on during the day, but they didn't interest me too much.  What I liked most were the vendors, the various scopes people had, and the door prizes (thought I didn't win anything).  I managed to pick up some eyepieces for a discount off the regular price.  I also looked through several telescopes outfitted with solar filters that let you see more than the typical white light versions, which only show sun spots.

Looking southwest.  Here you see most of the observing field.  There is another field where a handful of people observe.  It's mainly for those that plan on leaving during the night.

Mike Brooks & Sky Tent on left.  Automated Sky Tent on right.  Looking kind of north or northeast.

Part of field looking north northwest.

Gayle Rigsbee (?) of the Charlotte club and his solar scope.  This was cool scope.  There was a remotely controlled mirror at the end that directed the image of the sun down the telescope.

Raleigh club sign, looking east.  That's my green GrandAm car you see to the right, in the distance.  I worked out of my trunk when observing.

Automated Sky Tent dome at night.  It also was voice activated.

The all-night grill and canteen.  It was nice having a continuous source of coffee, sandwiches, snacks, etc.

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