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Last update:  11/21/01

NOTE: 04/17/14  This page hasn't been updated in over a decade.  Many people and sites have vanished or changed.  I'm trying to go through all the links to update them.  Agena AstroProducts.  Sells mirrors and such.  JMI Telescopes.  Guan Sheng Optical  Scott's LX200, ATM, and Gadget Page.  He has some good do it yourself stuff for the LX200 scope such as making a serial cable, a SCT cooler, and a laser collimator (for Newtonians)  This is the web site of Jason Ware.  He has EXCELLENT astro pictures out there that he sells.  He also has a few good articles and tips.  This is the web site of Mel Bartels.  The site has good articles and advice.  Has an excellent article on collimating a Newtonian telescope.  This Chuck Vaughn's Astronomy page.  He has lots of good information and advice.  He is into black and white photography.  This is the web site of Dan Bruton.  He has written several astronomy programs that I used regularly.  This is the web site of Pin Chung.  He has a Celestron 8" SCT and a Pixcel 237 CCD camera.  He has some nice images out there and has kind of documented his progress with the CCD camera.  This is the web site of Mike Weasner dealing with the Meade ETX telescope.  If you want some information on the ETX and what people are doing with them, this is an excellent site to visit.  This is the web site of Chris Vedeler.  He has an excellent web site that has tons of pictures he has taken.  He gives great tips and techniques on astrophotography (things like guiding, guide scopes, off axis guiders, etc.).  This is the web site of Denis Fell.  I discovered his web site and really liked it.  He seems to be a "hard working" amateur astronomer.  He has pictures and lots of drawings.  This is the web site of Randy Rubis.  He's an amateur astronomer in Michigan and really seems to enjoy the hobby.  He has lots of pictures of his equipment and what he is doing with it.  This is Gary Kronk's Comets & Meteor Showers web page.  This is Izzy's Skylog Web Page.  This is great site for beginners.  This is a web site for aurora.  This the web site of Tom Polakis.  He runs his own very nicely equipped observatory.  This is the web page for AstroSystems.  They sell telescopes and accessories.  This is the web pag for Rigel Systems (maker of Starlite LED flashlight).  The ATM Page. This is a web resource for amateur telescope makers.  The web page of Swayze Optical. They build BEAUTIFUL telescopes and offer mirror services. Bruce Swayze was very helpful to me in explaining the use of some collimation tools.  Capella's Observatory, the web page of Rockett Crawford.  He has some good pictures and articles out there.  This is the web site of Jack Schmidling.  He is a very active amateur astronomer and has lots of pictures and stuff.  This is the web page of Michael Richmann.  He's got some excellent deepsky pictures with detailed information on how he took them.  Great reference.  This is the web site of Jordan Blessing.  He has good advice and sells after market items for the Meade ETX and the Meade LX50 as well as other stuff.  This is the web site of Chris Heapy.  He has made some wonderful and ingenious additions and modifications to his Meade 10" LX200 telescope.

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