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"Rose of Sharon" flower

Last update:  09/27/17

I'm not a major "shutter bug" but I do enjoy taking pictures.  And now I'm entering a relative new and challenging arena for myself, called astrophotography.  I do enjoy snapping pictures when we go on trips.  Out of every roll, I'd say I'm pleased with one or two shots usually.  I love photographing nature.  I try to frame the shots as best as I can.

My camera use to be a simple 35mm SLR that is all manual, but I've now switched over to completely digital. I currently use a Nikon 995.  I've been quite pleased with the results.  The cool part about it is that since it's digital, I can fire off many shots, like when I'm chasing a butterfly, and then later just pick out the images I like the best.  I'm hoping to get a digital SLR camera someday soon, but they are still quite expensive.

You'll find some pictures from my photography time below.  Also, this page is turning into more of a documentation of events, such as vacations, rather than trying to show off some pictures.

Jordan Lake 2009 (latest update:  09/08/09)

Fireworks 2007 (latest update:  07/13/07)

Halloween 2006 (latest update:  09/25/07)

Halloween 2005 (latest update:  10/31/05)

Myrtle Beach Thanksgiving (latest update:  01/20/04)

Fort Lauderdale/Bahama Vacation  (latest update:  08/07/03)

Nature Shots (latest update:  10/14/09)

Ice Storm 12/04/02  (latest update:  12/12/02)

Hanging Rock State Park  (latest update:  07/14/02)

Washington DC  (latest update:  10/31/01)

Transportation Museum - Rail Days  (latest update:  06/26/01)

Tweetsie Railroad (latest update:  10/14/00)

Grayson Highlands State Park (latest update:  09/19/01)

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina (latest update:  09/25/99)

Linville Caverns, North Carolina (latest update:  10/14/00)

Mount Rainier, Washington (latest update:  07/01/98)

Mount Saint Helens, Washington (latest update:  10/12/97)

Waterfalls (latest update:  04/02/02)

Seattle, Washington (latest update:  07/01/98)

Oregon Coast (latest update:  07/01/98)

Eastern Washington (latest update:  10/12/97)

Outer Banks, North Carolina (latest update:  10/12/97)

New York, New York (latest update:  09/27/17)

Pets & People (latest update:  04/20/16)

Sunrises/Sunsets (latest update:  06/05/07)

Monuments (latest update:  10/12/97)

Boston, Massachusetts (latest update:  12/02/97)

Fall Colors (latest update:  01/11/99)

Snow Page  (latest update:  01/25/00)


Stereograph 3D Photography (latest update:  10/14/09)

I've started dabbling in 3D photography.  I'm creating stereograph cards for antique stereoscope viewers, and computer images for using the cross-eyed viewing technique.  Read more about it on the separate webpage.


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