…consider this biblical text from the 12th chapter of the Book of Sackri….

12:17 The Lord knew that Sackri was a righteous man, for he followeth the covenants in every way. Sackri obeyed the Lord and tarried not from His commandments.

12:18 In the heat of the day, the Lord God blessed Sackri, and spoke to him. "Sackri, behold the creature that dwells between the grass plain and the forest. She is not animal, nor is she of man".

12:19 Sackri answered, "Lord God, I have taken notice of the creature of which you speaketh. She is alone and utters not a language. She weareth not any clothes to hide her shame. She has hair upon her body, as that upon her head. Tell me Lord God, what manner of creature is this?"

12:20 And the Lord sayeth unto Sackri, "She is my creation, as are you, the animals, and everything that liveth upon the earth. But she is not of your distant father, Adam. She is a separate being, that was to be a covenant between man and animal. But her kind did not flourish. They scattered and died. She is all that remaineth of her tribe."

12:21 And Sackri asked of the Lord, "What shall become of her my Lord? She seems simple in mind and understands not the ways of man. She travels through the forest as if she is an animal."

12:22 God speaketh to Sackri, "She will go the way of her ancestors. She will die and become dust. Her kind will never walketh upon the earth again. But I will give her one chance to spare her seed."

12:23 Sackri was afraid and had a heaviness of heart. He feared to question the Lord of His plans. Sackri knew he was but a tool of his Creator. Sackri asked of God, "How will thou spare her seed?"

12:24 Then the Lord God commandeth Sackri, "Sackri, go unto this creature. Lie with her. Know her as you know your wife, so that she may bear thy seed".

12:25 Sackri felt a sickness upon his stomach. He spewed forth his morning meal upon the ground. He was afraid for he knew the creature to be strong and wild. Sackri cried unto God, "My Lord, please do not commandeth me to do this. This creature is vile. She is a wild beast. She has hair upon her back, like my brother Hosnick. She does stinketh. Lord God, haven't Thou commandest for man not to lie with animals as they do with women?"

12:26 God answereth Sackri, "My commandments are my commandments. I can giveth and taketh away. If I say to do a wrong, it is then a right. I am your Lord God."

12:27 And the Lord remained steadfast in His plan and commandment. "Sackri, I commandeth you to lie with this creature, so that her seed may have a chance to replenish."

12:28 At risk to his soul, Sackri did refuse the Lord God that day. Sackri chose the path of dark instead of light. His covenant with God was broken. But God set out to punish Sackri and cause him to obeyeth.

12:29 When Sackri went to lie with his wife, God caused her to cycle. She became unclean and it was forbidden to lie with her. Sackri wailed upon his chest and gnashed his teeth with frustration.

12:30 Sackri then did try to sneaketh to the fields, in the cool of the afternoon. Sackri seeketh out his livestock, to lessen the urge within him.

12:31 But the Lord God, creator of earth, did see Sackri. He caused a storm to arise and thunder to scatter the goats and sheep so that Sackri could not catch them. Once more Sackri wailed upon his chest and gnashed his teeth with frustration.

12:32 Then Sackri did hide upon the trees and forest, with thought to spill his seed upon the ground. But the Lord God sought him out, and caused lesions and calluses upon his hands, so that he could not relieve himself. And once again Sackri wailed upon his chest and gnashed his teeth with frustration.

12:33 Sackri sought to make mends with his Lord God. "God", he asked, "Please forgiveth me for breaking my covenant with you and for my disobedience. I will do as Thou commandeth, with Thou help".

12:34 The Lord God said, "Sackri, thou do thirst, drinketh all that is in your satchel".

12:35 Unknown to Sackri, God had made wine of what was water. And Sackri did drinketh. When the last drop was gone, Sackri was as a drunkard. "Bring me the creature and I will lie with her."

12:36 The Lord God brought the creature to Sackri and Sackri did go unto her. He knew her as he knew his wife. He rejoiced even though it was strange. His seed was in the beast, and God's plan was fulfilled.

Long story short, Sackri had sex with a Neanderthal because God commanded him to. It produced a bastard, hybrid offspring that died some years later in a cave. Scientists found the skull some 35,000 years later.

…consider this biblical text from the 17th and 18th chapters of the Book of Sackri….

17:1 And it came to pass, that Sackri visited a village along the river Gornu, which had swollen with rain from the night before. Sackri came to bless the newborn child of his nephew Aronik.

17:2 When Sackri arrived at the city gate, Aronik was there to meet him. Aronik said, “Come my uncle Sackri, and sup with my family, for thou have traveled far and must be weary”. And Sackri did go with his nephew unto his dwelling.

17:3 Upon crossing the threshold Sackri uttered a prayer of peace and health for the new babe, which murmured as it suckled from the breast. “Peace and health be upon this child”, said Sackri, “for his entire life.”

17:4 And after the evening meal, there did come a knock upon the door. A man from the village, with torn rags as his clothes, said he seeketh the uncle of Aronik.

17:5 Sackri spoke from within the dwelling, “I am Sackri, uncle of Aronik, whom you seek. Why do you summon me?”

17:6 The man from the village did speak with trembling words. “My brother has met with a terrible fate. While searching for berries on the hillside, the ground did shake and set loose the stones of God. A boulder with a sharp edge did falleth on him. His leg was ripped from his body.”

17:7 “He layeth now in the field. His lifeblood spills upon the soil. Pray thee oh Sackri, uncle of Aronik, please heal and save him.”

17:8 Sackri answered the man, “Why seeketh me out? Why not heal him thyself? Do you lacketh the faith of a mouse?”

17:9 The man bowed his head, weeping, and said unto Sackri, “Oh great one, it is true, I lacketh the faith. I have also worshipped other gods.”

17:10 Sackri said unto the man, “Then why not seeketh out a righteous man in your village? Surely a village of many has a righteous man for healing the sick.”

17:11 The man answered, “Our village has none.”

17:12 Sackri believeth not what the man sayeth. Never had Sackri found a village without those of faith. Sackri said, “Not one with the faith to heal can be found in this village?”

17:13 The man said, “Our village does have those with faith to heal, but they demand three coins of silver. I am a poor man, a worker of the field. I have no silver for payment Even your nephew Aronik demands payment for his power of healing.”

17:14 Sackri was angry and his heart was heavy that Aronik sought silver for healing. He shouted, “Payment should be made to God by pledging one’s soul. Only faith can heal, and that faith is in the healing power of God. Take me to your brother.”

17:15 The man led Sackri through the village and into a field. There lie the man’s brother, his leg was no more. His lifeblood was spilled upon the ground. A crowd of mourners had gathered.

17:16 The crowd said unto the man, “You are too late. Your brother has passed. His lifeblood has spilled upon the ground and there was no silver to pay for healing”. The man did weepeth.

17:17 Sackri said unto the crowd, “No one among you haveth the faith of a mouse? Even the animals of the forest haveth the faith to heal.”

17:18 Sackri scooped some dust beneath a rock and wiped it on the man’s forehead. He said, “Arise brother, for with faith thy life is restored and thy leg is whole”.

17:19 The brother of the man did open his eyes and taketh a breath. The leg that was gone was now whole. The man and his brother did weep and rejoice.

17:20 The crowd did bow their heads and praise Sackri. They said, “Surely you are as God. You have raised the dead and made him whole. Let us seek out some silver to give you for a blessing.”

17:21 Again Sackri was angry. “I am not God. I have faith in my Lord God. By faith God heals. The faith of a mouse can raise the dead.”

Chapter 18

18:1 Sackri left the crowd that rejoiced over the brother of the man. As Sackri entered the forest, the Lord God appeared to him in the form of a hawk.

18:2 The Lord God speaketh to Sackri, “Why is your heart heavy? Your faith in me is strong and I have healed the brother of the man that seeketh you out.”

18:3 Sackri said unto God, “Dear Lord. These people believeth not in the faith to heal. They believeth in the power of man. They seeketh payment for healing. Why do you honor their prayers.”

18:4 The Lord God said, “Sackri, you are a righteous man. You have kept your faith and my commandments. Our covenant is strong. But the power of faith is equal among man.”

18:5 “I have given all man the power of healing. The faith of a mouse can raise the dead. I answer all that pray, that have faith in what they do.”

18:6 Sackri said, “But my Lord. These men giveth not the glory unto you. They have more faith than a mouse. They heal the sick and raise the dead.”

18:7 “They giveth the glory unto themselves. They are as gods among the people. They demandeth silver for their healing.”

18:8 “The power of healing causes even the righteous to stray from path of light. My nephew Aronik do demandeth silver for healing.”

18:9 The Lord God’s heart was heavy. He regretteth giving man the power of healing by faith, for it was turning righteous men into wicked men.

18:10 God sayeth unto Sackri, “What do thou wisheth when man prays unto me for healing, with the faith of a mouse?”

18:11 Sackri sayeth unto the Lord, “My God, granteth the prayers from the truly righteous, that have the faith of a mouse. Let them heal the sick and raise the dead. But causeth nothing to happen to the prayers from the wicked, and those that demand silver.”

18:12 The Lord God said, “So shall it be done, even among the righteous. I shall remove the power of healing from man, even those with the faith of a mouse. No sick shall be healed in a manner in which faith can be tested, that silver may be demanded.”

18:13 Sackri said, “But Lord God, will Thou not answer the prayers of the truly righteous among man?”

18:14 The Lord God said, “The power of healing turns the righteous into the wicked. They become as God and demand silver.”

18:15 “From this time forward, no prayer or faith shall be tested. I will not heal the sick or raise the dead at the prayer of man. I will not restoreth any limb, nor granteth sight, or loosen a tongue.”

18:16 “Secret will be my ways upon man, so that I might not be tested. Only truth faith will separate the righteous from the wicked. I will be as the wind among men, felt but not seen.”

18:17 “Only the righteous will knoweth if the Lord God has healed. The wicked will doubt. The wicked will claimeth that I am not there, because no test will be answered.”

18:18 Sackri bowed and weepeth in God’s presence. And the Lord God did flyeth away on the wings of the hawk

Long story short, God doesn't perform miracle healings visible to the eye today because man in the past took credit for it and demanded payment.  It tempted good men with the power of God.

Proof of Evolution, Proof of Creation, Proof of mixing of species, Proof of modern human man mating with Neanderthal, Proof of Intelligent Design