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Last update:  05/11/07

Saturn above western horizonIf you look closely, you'll see Saturn in the center of the picture.  This was about a 5 second exposure on 400asa film.  It was taken just after sunset, looking towards the west of course, about mid-March, 1998.  I was just a few steps away from my house near Fuquay Varina, NC.  At the time I could also see Mercury to the lower right of Saturn but it didn't show up on the picture.  The three stars across the top (from left to right) are Alrescha (alpha Pisces), omicron Pisces, and eta Pisces.

Polar sky trailsI took this shot of polar star trails during April of 1986.  I was out observing Comet Halley at the time.  I think it's about a 10 minute exposure.  The site was near the town of Wagram, North Carolina.

I took this shot of the crescent Moon and Venus during an evening in April of 1986.  Venus is just above the kind of short tree in the center.  Taken from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Moon and VenusI snapped this shot of a Venus and Moon conjunction on the evening of February 24, 1993.  This was taken from Redmond, Washington.

Moon and Venus above the treesHere's another shot of the crescent moon and the planet Venus above the tree tops.  This image was taken on the evening of January 19, 1999 from Cary, NC.

The February 1999 Conjunctions

All of the images below were taken with 100asa film.  The exposures ranged from 5 to 10 seconds.

Jupiter, Venus, Feb. 20, 1999Jupiter and Venus in the evening sky of February 20, 1999, above the Laurinburg-Maxton airport.  Mercury is down in the murk, and shows on the print, but doesn't show too well on this scanned image.

Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Feb 20, 1999Here's the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus above the Laurinburg airport; February 20, 1999.

Mercury, Feb 20, 1999Mercury above Laurinburg airport, February 20, 1999.  Mercury is just above center.

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury over Harris Lake, Feb 22, 1999Here's a shot of Jupiter, Venus, and with Mercury easily visible just above the horizon.  Taken at Harris Lake on the evening of February 22, 1999.

Jupiter, Venus, reflection in Harris Lake, Feb 22, 1999Here's a remarkable image that shows just how bright these two planets are, and why all my friends have been asking me about the "stars" they have been seeing in the evening sky.  Here's Jupiter and Venus over Harris Lake, February 22, 1999.  Check out the reflection of light in the water.  The wind was up a little, and the water was rough, so the light was actually a "beam" across the water.  It was truly amazing.

AuroraAurora display at my central NC home on Nov. 5, 2001.

Orion through the treesOrion through the trees at Hanging Rock State Park, Easter weekend 2002.  Trees illuminated by campfire.

Aurora, 10/30/03Here's another aurora from my central NC home on 10/30/03.  This is toward the northeast.  Light pollution made it hard to see.  I'm hoping my attempts on film come out a little better.  This image was taken with my Nikon 995 digital camera.

Aurora, 11/20/03Here's some aurora from near my central NC home on 11/20/03.  It's about a 30 second shot on 200asa film.  Unfortunately I didn't take time to focus the image well.

Mercury above western horizon at sunsetThis is my best shot yet of Mercury, taken on 03/24/04, around 7:21pm, near my Fuquay-Varina home.  I was using my Nikon 995 digital camera set to 400asa.  It's about a 3 second shot.  Digital cameras are great!  You instantly see your results.  And from how well Mercury turned out, I think I've been exposing too long with my film cameras.

This is an image of the Moon and Venus above my house.  Taken on 02/19/07 with my Nikon 995 digital camera, with a few seconds exposure.


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