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Last update:  06/22/17

Besides astronomy, another passion of mine is open debate.  Make that intelligent, logical, civil, open debate.  Not only do I have strong opinions about various topics but I also love to debate just for the sake of debating.  While some may view this as a waste of time saying, "why debate if you're not seeking the absolute truth", I think of it as a training or learning exercise.  You get to see how other people form and frame their thoughts and arguments.  It can help you strengthen your methods and reveal any weaknesses in your logic.  It helps prepare you for when you actually do debate for the "absolute truth".

Mr. Spock is the famous character from the Star Trek series that abhors emotion and stresses clean logic.  While I can be quite emotional and have very strong feelings on certain topics, I try to use pure logic in my debates and articles.  Emotions will slip in from time to time, but I try to limit their influence.  The main reason for this is that emotions are very subjective, varying from person to person while logic is something that has a better chance of being uniform.  Want to test or strengthen your logic and debating skills?  One of the best ways I know is to write a paper that supports a view that in reality you don't support!

The articles below are various topics that I have a strong opinion on or that has come up in discussion between friends (in person or via the Internet).  Be warned that some of them are quite controversial and if you're an emotional person, you might be upset by them.  But they are my viewpoints.  You can agree or disagree.  Send me email if you feel so inclined.  And if you have a particular subject you want to talk about but that you don't see represented on my webpage, let me know.  I'll definitely respond via email and if it's an important enough issue (to me), I'll post an article on it.

Again, keep in mind that the articles below might strike a nerve with those that are emotionally charged about the issues.  But this is my soapbox, which means it's my platform for stating my opinions.  I also have an in the news page for shorter commentary on things that get my attention.


Given the emails I've received from people on some of these old articles, I decided to add this note/disclaimer.  From what I've seen, there are two clear points:  1) It's pretty obvious that we need to mandate logic and reason courses in our public schools.  It seems the average American has trouble constructing a rational, logical argument that flows with supporting, unambiguous, accurate data, and 2) Some people get their entire world view from watching political commentary on FOX News.  For the record, I am not a Democrat.  I am an Independent.  I support and criticize both political parties/politicians as the need/desire arises.  To sum up my philosophy, Iím pro-gun, pro-military, pro-Constitution, and pro-death penalty.  Also, these articles are dated, and written with the information I had at the time.  While I might update some, I generally just leave them in place, even if my philosophy might change a bit (and it does).  For example, I might support one politician during one election, but then be against him during the next as things have changed.   I generally do respond to people that email me regarding these articles, but have recently taken to not responding to those that are clearly partisan or inspired by FOX News.  I don't seem to get emails inspired by liberal stations.  The reason I don't respond is that I've gotten pretty good at recognizing a fruitless exchange.  I don't have a problem debating with people that disagree with me, because I like seeing how people think and form their conclusions.  You can disagree with me all you want as long as you're logical and civil.  I'm talking about wasting time on people that obviously didn't apply any scientific or logical thought to what they are saying.  Or those that jump to conclusions or make grand statements about what they think I'm saying, when in reality they are just reacting badly because they disagree.  That's all I've got to say about this ....  unless I think of something else to say later on .....

The Soapbox Articles

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Ban Same-Sex Marriage?

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Vote for John Kerry

Electoral College: Time for Change

Rush Limbaugh: Hypocrite

Homosexuality: Government, Church, & Morality

Morality Laws and Victimless Crimes


Saddam Hussein: The Looming War with Iraq

The Truth Will Set You Free?

Is the Lottery or Gambling a Sin? 

The Earth's Age - Bible vs. Science

Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional?

Suing Gun Manufacturers

Executing the Mentally Retarded

Flat Tax Plan

President Clinton's Impeachment

Capital Punishment

In the News:   This webpage is similar to this Soapbox page.  But instead of long articles, it has quick and short opinions on current events.

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