Time-Lapse Photography

December 10, 2007

Time lapse photography is when you animate something by taking images over a time period, then assemble those images in chronological order to produce a video.  The effect appears to speed up time.  For example, if you snap an image of a cloudy sky every few seconds over the course of an hour, you could assemble those images into a movie that makes it seem as though the clouds are zipping across the sky.

My son and I assembled our artificial Christmas tree yesterday and I set up my digital camera to capture the process.  It snapped a picture every couple of seconds.  It usually takes about 35 to 40 minutes to assemble our Christmas tree.  The limbs are always smashed flat from storage and we have to "fluff" them back out before we put them on the tree.  The magic of time lapse photography reduced this effort into a one minute movie.

Time Lapse Christmas Tree (6.5mb)


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